Happy Cinco de Mayo! Or as I would prefer to say, Cinco de Drinko. As I sit here sipping my margarita, enjoying this beautiful day, I must admit that I feel the best I've felt in awhile. I recently let go of a relationship and it's been emotionally challenging to say the least. Let's just say I've had "Dear John" by Taylor Swift on repeat and have indulged in a questionable amount of sweets... but I'm fine, promise!! 

Anyway, today my mom came down to Santa Barbara to visit. We had lunch (Mexican food, of course), shopped, and ended up in Pismo where I'll be spending the remainder of weekend. It's a blessing to get out of Isla Vista for awhile because switching up my routine has completely changed my attitude. I'm starting to re-realize that happiness comes from within, not from friends or family or boys. Upon my re-realization, I decided that I'm going to start (and commit) to a few things I've always wanted to do, including starting this blog. I'm dedicating this space to document fashion, food, beauty, travel, and significant life experiences. Basically, all the things I love combined with the things that shape me into who I am today. 

And with that said, I'll catch ya next post cause it's past my bedtime. 


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